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About Us

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TripAngle was created by two partners who have been burned by someone handling our vacation rental.  We asked ourselves some questions and came up with a solution,
Why can’t Owners have control over their vacation rental?  Is it because they live hours away? Is it because they don’t have the time to schedule cleanings, meet guests with keys, or keep up with their accounting? Is it because they cannot afford all of the overhead?  Maybe you have a good management company, but you just hate being in the dark.  Our software is perfect for EVERYONE!  Even Management Companies, as our services are FREE, and you as an Owner will have whatever information regarding each rental you chose to have, as long as your Management Company uses our software.  So, tell them about TripAngle, and have everything at your fingertips, while your property books up even more!  We have built our software with all of these questions in mind.  YOU collect the money and know who and when your property is being used. 
Our custom built software:
How much is it to use our software? To use our innovative streamlined 24-hour booking software is FREE to all owners. 
Owners, Call 361-444-3395 to get your property on TripAngle!

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